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The world houses many secrets. one of which is the orb of Cvir, a powerful device that could power entire cities alone with it's energy. For that reason, it's been locked away in a ancient vault for centuries, untouched by human eyes......till now, that is

As an elite space commando, you have been tasked to get into this vault and recover this orb at all costs. energy supplies are running kinda low nowadays, so your civilization's gonna need it. Unfortunately for you, the people who stored the orb in the vault intended to have it stay there, and they went to considerably extreme measures to make sure it stays this way. Yup, the place has been booby trapped to hell and back. who would've guessed?

If you're gonna get this thing, you're gonna have to get through four levels, each providing their own unique challenges. this vault's armed to the teeth, and you'll be up against lasers, pits of acid, turrets, and god knows what else. How fun!

anyways, enjoy and good luck! this also happens to be my first game, so feel free to send a review!


The Vault.zip.zip 14 MB